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Harrison Ford is Rick Deckard
Rutger Hauer is Roy Batty
Sean Young is Rachael Rossen
Edward James Olmos is Gaff
M. Emmet Walsh is Captain Byrant
Daryl Hannah is Pris
William Sanderson is J.F Sebastian
Brion James is Leon
Joseph Turkel is Dr. Tyrell
Joanna Cassidy is Zhora
James Hong is Chew
Morgan Paul is Holden

Bear...Kevin Thompson
Kaiser...John Edward Allen
Taffey Lewis...Hu Pyke
Cambodian Lady...Kimiro Hiroshige
Sushi Master...Robert Okazaki
Saleslady...Carolyn DeMirjian
Bartender 1...Charles Knapp
Bartender 2...Leo Gorcey JR
Bartender 3...Thomas Hutchinson
Show Girl...Kelly Hine
Barfly 1...Sharon Hesky
Barfly 2...Rose Mascari
Geisha 1...Susan Rhee
Geisha 2...Hiroko Kimuri
Chinese Man...Kai Wong
Chinese Man...Kit Wong
Police Man 1...Hiro Okazaki
Police Man 2...Steve Pope
Police Man 3...Robert Reiter

Ray Bickel, Janet Brady, Diane Carter, Ann Chatterton, Gilbert Combs, Anthony Cox, Rite Egleston, Gerry Epper, Jeannie Epper, James Halty, Jeffrey Imada, Gary McLarty, Karen McLarty, Beth Nufer,  Roy Ogata, Bobby Porter, Lee Pulford, Ruth Redfern, George Sawaya, Charles Tamburro, Jack Tyree, Mike Washlake, Michael Zurich.


Directed by Ridley Scott
Produced by Michael Deeley
Screenplay Hampton Fancher, David Peoples
Director of Photography Jordan Cronenweth
Production Design by Lawrence G. Paull
Associate Producer Ivor Powel
Music by Vangelis
Effects Supervisors Douglas Trumbull, Richard Yuricich, David Dryer
Executive in charge of production C. O. Erickson
Production Executive Katherine Haber
Unit Production Manager John W. Rogers
First Assistant Directors Newton Arnold, Peter Cornberg
Second Assistant Directors Don Hauer, Morris Chapnick, Richard Schroer
Costumes designed by Charles Knode, Michael Kaplan
Art Director David Snyder
Visual Futurist Syd Mead
Additional Photography Steven Poster, Brian Tufano, B.S.C
Casting By Mike Fenton, Jane Feinberg
Production Controller Steve Warner
Auditor Dick Dubuque
Assitant Auditor Kelly Marshall
Payroll Paulette Fine
Script Supervisor Anna Maria Quintana
Production Coordinator Vickie Alper
Location Manager Michael Neale
Camera Operators Robert Thomas, S.O.C., Albert Bettcher, S.O.C., Steve Smith.
First Assistant Cameraman Mike Genne, Steve Smith
Second Assistant Cameraman Gerofe D. Greer
Sound Mixer Bud Alper
Boom Man Eugene Byron Ashbrook
Cable Man Beau Baker
Set Decorators Linda DeScenna, Tom Roysden, Leslie Frankenheimer
Leadman Michael Taylor
Production Illustrators Sherman Labby, Mentor Huebner, Tom Southwall
Assistant Art Director Stepehn Dane
Set Designers Tom Duffield, Bill Skinner, Greg Pickrell, Charles Breen, Louis Mann, David Klasson
Property Master Terry Lewis
Assistant Property David Quick, Artur Shippee, Jr., John A. Scott III
Makeup Artist Marvin G. Westmore
Hairstylist Shirley L. Padgett
Men's Costumers James Lapidus, Bobby E. Horn
Ladies Costumers Winnie Brown, Linda A. Matthews
Special Floor Effects Supervisor Terry Frazee
Special Effects Technicians Steve Galich, Logan Frazee, William G. Curtis
Lighting Gaffer Dick Hart
Best Boy Joseph W. Cardoza, JR.
Key Grip Carey Griffith
Best Boy Grip Robert E. Winger
Dolly Grip Donald A. Schmitz
Crab Dolly Grip Douglas G. Willas
Construction Coordinator James F. Ordendorf
Assistant Construction Coordinator Alfred J. Litteken
Construction Clerk James Hale
Painting Coordinator James T. Woods
Standby Painter Buzz Lombardo
Stunt Coordinator Gary Combs
Action Prop Supervisor Mike Fink
Action Prop Consultant Linda Fleisher
Additional Casting Marci Liroff
Transpotion Captain Howard Davidson
Transportation Cocaptain James Sharp
Publicist Saul Kahan
Still Photographer Stephen Vaughan
Producer's Assistand Bryan Haynes
Assitant Location Manager Greg Hamlin
Craft Service Michael Knutsen
D.G.A Trainee Victoria Rhodes
Editor Marsha Nakashima
Assistant Editor William Zabala
First Assistant Editor [English Editing] Les Healey
Sound Editor [English Editing] Peter Pennel
Dialogue Editor [English Editing] Michael Hopkins
Assistant Sound Editor [English Editing] Joe Gallagher
Assistant Dialoge Editor [English Editing] Peter Baldock
Chief Dubbing Mixers [Pinewood studios] Graham V. Hartstone
Chief Dubbing Mixers [Twickenham studios] Gerry Humphries

Special Photographic Effects by Entertainment Effects Group
Director of Photography Dave Stewart
Optical Photography Supervisor Robert Hall
Camermen Don Baker, Rupert Benson, Glen Campbell, Charles Cowles, David Hardenberger, Ronald Longo, Timothy McHugh, John Seay
Matte Artist Matthew Yuricich
Additional Matte Artist Rocco Giofre
Assistant Matte Artist Michele Moen
Matte Photography Robert Bailey, Tama Takahashi, Don Jarel
Special Camera Technician Alan Harding
Optical Line up Philip Barberio, Richard Ripple
Animation and Graphics John Wash
Effects Illustrator Tom Cranham
Special Projects Consultant Wayne Smith
Minature Technician Bob Spurlock
Assistant Effects Editor Michael Bakauskas
Chief Model Maked Mark Stetson
Model Makers Jerry Allen, Sean Casey, Paul Curley, Leslie Ekker, Thomas Field, Vance Frederick, William George, Kristopher Gregg, Robert Johnston, Michael McMillian, Thomas Phak, Christopher Ross, Robert Wilcox
Key Grip Pat Van Auken
Gaffer Gary Randall
Film Coordinator Jack Hinkle
Cinetechnician George Polkinghorne
Still Lab Virgil Mirano
Electronic and Mechanical Design Evans Wetmore
Electronic Engineering Greg McMurry
Computer Engineering Richard Hollander
Special Engineering Consultants Bud Elam, David Grafton
Production Office Manager Joyce Goldberg
Visual Effects Auditor Diana Gold
Assistant to David Dryer Leora Glass
Visual Displays by Dream Quest INC.
Electron Microscope Photographs by David Scharf (© 1977)
Titles by Intralink Film Graphic Design

Filmed in PANAVISION ®



Original Soundtrack album of music by VANGELIS

"Harps of the Ancient Temples" Composed and Performed by Gail Laughton

With thanks to WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS and ALAN E. NOURSE for the use of the title BLADE RUNNER

A LADD COMPANY release in association with SIR RUN RUN SHAW.

Through WARNER BROS. (WB). A Warner Communications Company.
Copyright MCMLXXXII Blade Runner Partnership

"This movie is dedicated to memory of Philip K. Dick"




                             © 2004 - Francisco Javier Mariscal